What's Coming Up...

Jul 2 - New Knoxville Night Ranger 5k (New Knoxville)
Jul 4 - Americana 5k (Centerville)
Jul 4 - Firecracker 5k (Wapakoneta)
Jul 6 - Caesar Creek Wednesday Night Tri#3 (Waynesville)
Jul 9 - Centerville Lions 5k (Centerville)
Jul 12 - Blue Streak Bike Time Trial (WPAFB)
Jul 18 - Run to the Moon 5k and 10k (Wapakoneta)

Featured Athlete

Read about our featured athletes for June, Richard and Crystal Barton, by clicking on the Featured Athlete button above. If you know someone who would make a great featured athlete in the future, please let us know.

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Recent Results and Pictures

June 26
Kids Fun in the Sun Triathlon-Overall Results
Kids Fun in the Sun Triathlon-Pictures

June 25
Simply Women 5k-Overall Results
Simply Women 5k-Age Group Results
Simply Women 5k-Pictures
St Peter Panther Prowl 5k-Overall Results
St Peter Panther Prowl 5k-Age Group Results
St Peter Panther Prowl-1 Mile-Overall Results
St Peter Panther Prowl-Pictures
Adelyn's Rainbow Run-Overall Results
Adelyn's Rainbow Run-Age Group Results
Adelyn's Rainbow Run-Pictures

June 24
Kleptz YMCA Twilight Trail Run-Overall Results
Kleptz YMCA Twilight Trail Run-Age Group Results
Kleptz YMCA Twilight Trail Run-Pictures