Featured Athlete for January 2019: Tyler Small

My apologies for missing the featured athlete for December, so I hope this month's selection makes up for the wait.

I personally love running for many reasons. One is the endorphine rush of a great run... you know the runner's high we all talk about. Another reason I love running is because of the friendships we make. I feel like whether we are pushing ourselves to the limit in a race, or struggling through a long run or tough workout, we see a person's true, unguarded character.

The featured athlete for January is Tyler Small. I actually met Tyler a long time ago and I have seen him running past my house on occasion for a couple of years. He is ALWAYS flying. It wasn't until recently that I started running with him. Over the past few weeks, we've put in several runs together. We've done some track workouts, hill repeats and even some long runs. Even though I have known who he is for a while, it's only been in the last few weeks that we've been running together that I have come to know what a great guy (and great runner) Tyler is.

I don't think he's run by another runner or walker without waving or saying hello. He has always been encouraging to me when I've been struggling through a run and even though he is much, much faster he always stays with the group on a group run. Oh, and then there's humility. We drove together to the ORRRC Winter Solstice trail run at John Bryant at the beginning of December. After the race, I asked him how it went. He said it went well but not much more than that. It wasn't until hours later when I looked at the results, that I realized he had won!

After growing up in Arcanum, Tyler went to Washington University in St Louis and lived there for some time after graduating. He and his wife Trish live in Oakwood today with their 5-year old son named Theo. The picture is actually from the Oakwood 10k from last May. The only negative I can say about Tyler is that he and his family are moving back to St. Louis after the school year. So, if you see him I encourage you to introduce yourself because you won't meet a nicer guy, but do it quickly, because he runs so fast and because unfortunately he's not going to be here too much longer!

Tyler, congrats on the win at the Winter Solstice, good luck on your next race, and good luck with the upcoming move... but it would also be ok if you decided to stay here in Dayton!