Featured Athlete for February 2017: Local Masters Runners

Picking an athlete of the month for February has been somehwat tough. There just have not been as many races in which to recognize anyone in particular. So, I am going out on a limb and doing something different this month. For those of you who know me, you know I am in my upper 40s. I have some really great training friends that are in their 50s and they've been telling me for years, it gets harder at 40, then even harder at 45, and still even harder at 50. I guess I never really believed them.... until recently.

For me personally training has been somewhat of a struggle for over a year now. The race times are nowhere near what they once were. Having to reassess my goals is not always an easy thing to do.

Only 1 time has there ever been a "repeat" Speedy Feet featured athlete. For this month, I would like to highlight several masters (40+) runners who are defying the odds and turning in some great performances. Several of these runners have been featured individually in the past, but this month I'd like to commend these runners as a collective group. They are proving that even after turning 40, you can still run super-fast and be super successful.

Dustin Sprague (42) overall winner of Frostbite 5 with 26:37

Julie Mercado (43) ran 29:52 at Frostbite 5 and was the overall female winner at the Sweetheart Shuffle 5k with 17:25.

Dave Johnston ran 28:54 at the Frostbite 5 and won the Sweetheart Shuffle with 17:09 (and he was pushing a stroller)!

Jason Newport (46) ran 29:15 at the Frostbite 5. I spoke to him at the Sweetheart Shuffle and he complained that he used to be able to go out and run a sub-5 minute mile and now he can only run 5:02.

Walter Osborne (41) ran to a top 5 overall at Frostbite with 28:31

Paolo Rancallo (44) ran 29:15 at Frostbite 5

Congrats to all... you are an inspiration that it's not all downhill after 40...