Featured Athlete for November 2017: Brandon Hough

As we close in on the end of 2017, many of us look back on the year and look at the memorable moments to make a determination whether we had a good year or if we are hoping for better in 2018. Our featured athlete for November is Brandon Hough. I am sure as he reflects on his 2017, he will remember some of his great race accomplishments... like his overall win at the Air Force Marathon 5k (16:28), or his victory this last weekend at the St. Pete Half Marathon (1:15:26). Outside of running, Brandon moved back to Ohio. He was here at Wright Patterson a few years ago but moved to California for a few years. He and his girlfriend Ashley got engaged in 2017. No doubt as he looks back at 2017, Brandon will be happy with the year.

But, Brandon is not done and is hoping for even bigger and better in 2018. He has lots of big plans for 2018. In addition to offically tying the knot with Ashley, Brandon also has some pretty lofty racing goals. Outside of his personal running, he is also launching the Advanced Running Project. To learn more about this venture, check out his Instagram or Website.

Brandon, congrats on your great wins in 2017 and we wish you continued success in 2018...