Featured Athlete for December 2019: Rob Rocco

Meet our Featured Athlete for December, Robert Rocco. Rob is 55 and resides in Centerville. If you do many of our Speedy Feet events, or actually many area events at all, Rob probably looks familiar. He recently ran the Historic Springboro Christmas 5k which was is 148th race of 2019... yes, that is not a typo, 148 races in 2019 with the entire month of December to go.

When I asked Rob what motivated him to start running, he said after retiring from the military, he gained a few pounds and got a little out of shape so he started running. One of the first races he ran was the Angels for Anna 5k at Fairhaven Church in Centerville. He said he won an age group medal and thought that was pretty cool, so he ran another race... then another... then another.

At one of the races he ran, the Madeira Mile, he was talking to an older gentleman before the race who told Rob that this race was going to be his 137th of the year. Rob had a goal. If this 70+ year old man can run 137 races in a year, he wanted to run more than that!

So here we are with over a month to go in 2019, and Rob has surpassed his goal! Congratulations to Robert Rocco. We'll have to check back with him at the end of December at the Resolution Run in Beavercreek to see what his final number is, but until then, stay healthy and keep running!