Featured Athlete for Novemeber 2018: Josh Bozue

Our Featured Athlete for November has done something no one has done before, at least as long as Speedy Feet has been timing the Blue Streak events. The Blue Streak events that take place on Wright Patterson Air Force Base the second Tuesday of each month (April-October) are a no-frills, inexpensive bike time trial, but they have become ultra competitive, attracting riders from neighboring states. In 2018, Josh Bozue won every event! With such a competitive field of riders, winning just a single month is a great accomplishment, but Josh achieved a clean sweep. In five of the seven events, Josh completed the 10-mile time trial in under 21 minutes which equates to over 29 miles per hour! He posted the fastest time of the year in August when he covered the 10 miles in 21:14, or at an average of 29.6 miles per hour! Josh, be on the lookout for some tickets from the WPAFB Base Police because the speed limit on base is 25 miles per hour unless posted otherwise. Oh, and by the way, Josh also ran one of our Speedy Feet 5k's in October and cruised to a second place finish with a time of 17:56. If you see Josh, join me in congratulating him on his clean sweep!

Month / Time / MPH
Oct / 20:36 / 29.1
Sep / 20:42 / 29.0
Aug / 20:18 / 29.6
Jul / 21:14 / 28.3
Jun / 20:33 / 29.2
May / 20:26 / 29.4
Apr / 21:47 / 27.5