Featured Athlete for May 2018: Col. Tim Spaulding (Ivy)

Congratulations to Col. Tim Spaulding, our featured athletes for May! Tim is absolutely on a tear. In April, he ran the ORRRC Marathon in 2:57:33. He finished last year strong by posting a time of 29:14 at the Turkey Trot in Miamisburg and 1:22:59 at Monumental Half-Marathon in Indianapolis. Tim organizes a weekly speed workout session at the base for some of the base's top runners.

Outside of running, Tim recently was promoted to Colonel in the Air Force. He is an F-15 pilot by trade and Ivy is his callsign. We've been lucky enough to have him in Dayton for several years now, but the Air Force doesn't let anyone stay in one place too long, and so Tim is about to embark on his next assignment and it won't be in Dayton. He's been selected for a very prestigious next assignment so he and his wife Dori and kids Charlotte and Oliver will be packing up here soon.

The thing that I personally find amazing about Tim is his humility. A lot of people at his rank in the Air Force are pretty cocky and have pretty big egos. Tim will tell you he did some graduate work in Massachusetts... but he won't tell you it was at MIT. Likewise, he will tell someone who ran a 3:20 marathon they did great... and not tell that he just ran under 3 hours!

In the picture above, Tim is on the left with his teammates from the Oakwood 10k, Walter Osborne and Justin Bronder. He probably won't tell you that his team won the Oakwood 10k team category! If you see Tim in the next few weeks, make sure to wish him well because he won't be here for long... and he also runs pretty fast so you better say it quick before he leaves you in the dust!