Featured Athletes for February 2020: Local Olympic Trials Qualifiers!!!

Rather than featuring a single athlete for the month of February, I wanted to highlight six local women who have all qualified to run in the Olympic Trials Marathon at the end of this month. Just for qualifying, they deserve our congratulations! As they are putting the final touches on their training and beginning to taper, we need to also wish them the best of luck! The local running scene is very fortunate to have so many great runners who will be representing the Dayton area in Atlanta on Leap Day, February 29!

What makes the accomplishments of these ladies even more impressive is what you don't see on the details above. Like the fact that Ann Alyanak is a mother of 3 and this is her third time to qualify for the trials. Or Sarah Bishop who is a civil engineer and a mother of 4... the fact that Katie Ruhlman is a Cross Country coach at Cedarville University as well as a Nurse Practitioner or that Maria Scuvozza is pursuing a master's degree in dietetics...Maura Lemon is a high school chemistry teacher and a mother of two. Lizzy Gleason is a Physician's Assistant!

Not only is each of the ladies an elite runner, each is also an incredible person outside of their running. To all of you, good luck and know the Dayton running community is proud of you!!!