Featured Athletes for August 2021

The 60s were an incredible time from what I've learned. I was not around in the 60s to experience them, but that's just what I have gathered. But now as we are in the 2020s, all those born in the early 60s are now turning 60! Our area really has some incredible athletes and many fall into that group that were born in the early 1960s. Below are just a few. In no way is my list all inclusive, but these are a few of my friends that I have met through running and triathlon who I thought were deserving of the spotlight.

Jeff McDaniel, Age 61.

Jeff has run 25 marathons! He also coaches cross country at Troy Christian so he typically can only squeeze in 1 marathon per year. He ran his first marathon, Columbus, in 1987. His PR came at age 49 in Atlanta when he ran 2:49:12. His big races planned for the rest of the year include Winan's to Winan's, Minster Oktoberfest 10k and the Columbus Marathon.

Gregg Slayton, Age 59, turns 60 in January.

Gregg is still 'rocking it' today. Although he races less than he used to, he still runs, bikes and swims on very regimated schedule. He has completed 10 Ironmans with a PR of 9 hours 30 minutes at Ironman Florida. Gregg is also one of only a few Ohioans to break 10 hours at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. His best Hawaii finish was 9 hours 52 minutes!

Jeff Watern, Age 59, turns 60 in September.

Jeff and Gregg are great friends and training partners. Even though they are great friends, they really like to beat each other when they race. They will be racing each other later this month at the Miamisburg Triathlon in the Solo Paddleboard division. I am curious to see who will win that race, but Jeff is definitely going to beat Gregg in the race to 60 since his birthday is in September! Jeff has done 20 Ironmans and has a lifetime best of 9 hours 46 minutes.

Cheryl Chaney, Age 59, turns 60 in March.

Although when asked about her next 'big' event Cheryl said a knee replacement, her achievements have been incredible. She has completed a total of 23 Ironmans with her PR being a 10:57:44 at Ironman Arizona. Twice she finished 6th in her age group at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Now, she spends a ton of time coaching a youth triathlon team and organizing the Troy Kids Triathlon. Both coaching and directing the kids triathlon are ways Cheryl is giving back to the sport she loves.

Kenn Daily, Age 58, turns 59 in June.

Kenn has run 16 marathons with a personal best of 2:24:32. As a masters runner (since turning 40), Kenn has run a marathon in 2:39:00. What's most remarkable is that Kenn has not missed a single day of running in 21 years! He ran the JFK 50 Miler in Washington DC and still ran the next day to keep the streak alive.

Chris Buell, Age 58, turns 59 in December.

Chris has run well over 200 marathons. He has run a marathon in every state and is working on running a marathon on each continent. His first marathon was at Columbus and was also his fastest! Chris works on base as a contractor and travels a lot. His travels take him a lot of different places and he is usually able to find a race to run while there.